Presence Training - Live and Real Time - On-site or Online

For the realisation of the respective training objectives, we use different forms of training, which differ in duration, depth of topic and interaction.

Classroom Courses

(2 – 24 participants, whole days or half)

Imparting advanced and complex knowledge. High degree of interactivity with exercises. Participants transfer their newly acquired knowledge directly, using desktops or laptops. A large number of participants favours the co-teaching method.

Virtual Classroom

(up to 50 participants, 3 hours max.) 

In virtual classrooms, trainers and participants are connected via the internet. In addition to screen sharing features, we apply chats, polls, whiteboard or discussions in break-out rooms. The number of participants depends on the required interactivity.

Lunch & Learn / Forum

(20 - 500 participants, 1 - 2 hours)

The trainer imparts a lot of knowledge within a short time ("compressed learning") to a wide audience. At Lunch & Learn  events the participants are offered beverages and sandwiches or they can bring their own food packages. 


(1-3 participants, duration by arrangement)

Training of specific topics. Very high degree of interactivity. On-the-job training is tailored to the needs of the participants and is generally conducted at their working place. This training can also be held virtually, i.e. over the internet.


(3 - 10 participants, by hour / day / half day)

Imparting in-depth and complex knowledge. Very high interactivity. Needs and questions of a specific group of participants are the focus. Concrete problems from everyday working life are the basis. Solutions will be developed during the workshop.


(1 - 5 participants, 0.5 - 2 hours)

Migration trainings help in finding a smooth way back to daily business after a migration. In general, they are held for individuals or small user groups at their working place. The so-called floorwalking offers spontaneous trainings on demand without scheduled appointments.
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