Conception and Development

Innobrain perceives itself as a general contractor for training. Our experienced training consultants are involved in project planning right from the start. They support training managers and IT professionals with methodical and didactical skills, tailored learning concepts and project management.

Project Management

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for project manager / head  of training on the client side
  • Management of development team and trainers
  • Support in communication within the total process
  • Quality assurance and regular reports on project status

Conception, Development and Production

  • Needs analysis, audience definition
  • Training concept, definition of processes and interfaces
  • Conception and production of manuals and/or process descriptions
  • Conception and production of trainings and training material (scripts, presentations, exercises, etc.)
  • Conception and production of learning modules (e-learning)
  • Pre-assessments and evaluation of learning success
  • Detailed planning and course administration
  • Evaluation of training success