You want to train your company-specific applications and processes. In collaboration with your experts, we will build up the required knowledge to develop the training content, create documentation or learning units and conduct the corresponding training.

Industry Expertise

We have extensive experience in several industries such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, industrial production and administration. We therefore know the sector specific conditions, yet keep in sight your company culture.

Quick Familiarisation

The diverse professional experience of our training developers and trainers allows a quick familiarisation with the training topics. We know how to train even complex topics efficiently and in a way that is suited for the respective target audience.

Language Skills

Many of our experts are multilingual which allows us to efficiently cover the language diversity within your company. German, English, French and Italian are the most frequently spoken languages at Innobrain.

Motivation and Enthusiasm

Motivation plays an essential part in everyone’s learning success. Our trainers are able to present the training contents both usefully as well as enthusiastically.

Building Bridges

We often act as an interface between IT and business. No matter which topic we are training, as training experts our mission is to build bridges to the users.


As training experts, we pass on our know-how and experience in order to enable your in-house experts to conduct trainings in a purposeful and motivating manner.