Customised Solutions

Our promise is to deliver individual solutions, an efficient implementation and reliable support during and after project completion.

We support you throughout your project from start to finish. If required, we cover the entire life cycle of your solution:

  • Consultancy
  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Conception
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and support

Office Automation

Would you like to automate your processes, avoid redundant work, eliminate sources of error or have templates for your correspondence?

Office automation helps your employees to be more efficient.

Our core capabilities:

  • Template management systems (e.g. templates managed by assistants)
  • Programming of complex templates and forms
  • Publishing out of office
  • Expanding the functionality of Microsoft Office

Desktop and Web Applications

Does the market not offer a standard program fulfilling your needs?

Customised development saves money and can actually create a competitive advantage. Our core capabilities:

  • Client or web based frontends
  • Interfaces for automated exchange with other programs

Design and Implementation of Databases

In order to keep the abundant flow of information and data under control, the use of databases is usually the most promising choice. Properly designed and implemented, databases create an added value in terms of efficiency, which shouldn’t be underestimated. You will be able to keep track of your data and manage it with little effort.

Our core capabilities:

  • Database design with security and consistency
  • Migration of Excel macro solutions to databases

Optimisation of Data Management

Has your amount of data increased and thus changed your requirements to a database? Well-founded consulting may help you to continue to keep in control of your data.

Our core capabilities:

  • Analysis and restructuring of existing databases
  • Reports and evaluations, "business intelligence"

Improvement of User Friendliness

To increase efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction in working with a program, it often helps to enhance its user friendliness, i.e. its navigation or design, just to mention a few elements. We help with the implementation.

Our core capabilities:

  • Analysis of usability and user experience
  • Redesign and implementation following the criteria of user-friendliness