We support your projects and strengthen your daily business with our highly qualified specialists.
While other firms use body leasing, our staff is permanently employed at Innobrain, where they are coached and can continue to develop their skills.

Project Management

Innobrain is able to provide skilled project managers in all its divisions, i.e. for projects for IT infrastructure, for IT training and for software development.

Engineering Workplaces or Servers

Well trained system engineers build the foundation of your IT infrastructure, on the levels of servers as well as workstations (in Microsoft environments).

Not only do our specialists have founded technical expertise, but they also excel in conceptual tasks and communication skills.

Service Desk

The service desk is the face and voice of corporate IT to the users, whether in charge of supporting the user’s electronic workstation or the portfolio of special business applications. That is why both the service desk agents’ professional competence as well as their interpersonal skills are essential to guarantee a high quality service.

Our employees have a broad technical education, a lot of experience and multilingual communication skills.



To comply with needs of customers and employees is the satisfaction of my work.

Denise Stauber