Working for Innobrain

Working for Innobrain is supposed to be challenging, rewarding and a learning experience. Your skills and your dedication are the basis for your own success and for the success of Innobrain.

Working for our Customers

We work for our customers as well as with our customers. Our employees are not only involved in on-site projects, but may also work as a temporary or permanent member of the customer’s staff.

Field of Activity

New employees join one of Innobrain’s teams, which are Training Solutions, Software Solutions and IT Services. Depending on interest and skills, there is the possibility to change the field of activity and join one of the other teams at a later stage.

Professional Development

We strongly believe that professional development strengthens employees and the company, which is why we encourage it. At Innobrain, further educational development is considered not only a privilege but a well appreciated duty.

Innobrain Culture

Satisfaction and dedication come from competence, interest, responsibility and active participation. Innobrain trusts in personal skills and excellence and creates a reliable and optimal cultural environment to work in. The loyalty of many employees proves us right in this approach.

The friendly and professional collaboration among employees and the constant reliability form the basis for a good working culture.

Boris Gubser